Lem's Robot

ul. Józefińska 24


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The mural designed by Filip Kuźniarz was painted on the wall of a block in ul. Józefińska in 2012 as part of the Conrad Festival. The robot it presents is an allusion to the works of Stanisław Lem, Poland’s most outstanding science-fiction writer, philosopher, and futurologist (author of, among other works, Solaris, Fables for Robots, and The Futurological Congress), who lived and worked in Kraków. Next to the writer’s face depicted at the top of the composition, a quite dismal quotation from Lem’s Dialogues reads: “in the end, people will be dwarfed down to the size of brainless servants of the iron geniuses and, perhaps, will begin to venerate them as gods”. The message is softened by the slogan of the project Pomyśl: Literatura!Think: Literature! Perhaps reading will let people find an opportunity to maintain our brains in proper condition rather than letting ourselves become subjugated to artificial intelligence?

ul. Józefińska 24
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