Musica Divina 2022: Tenebrae

Tuesday, August 2, 2022 - Sunday, August 7, 2022

  • Tuesday, August 2, 2022 - Sunday, August 7, 2022

According to the organisers, this festival touches upon the sacrum. Musica Divina is a more recent event although it has already earned dedicated fans. its artistic director, Łukasz Serwiński, has been consequently building a community around the festival, which is partially funded by the public.

This year’s Musica Divina launches a three-year cycle dedicated to different forms of prayer, starting with Tenebrae. Don’t miss the concert featuring the Estonian ensemble Linnamuusikud presenting a highly unusual style rarely heard in Poland, breaking away from historical performance to focus on individualism. How will this work with Wacław of Szamotuły and his Lamentations? We’ll find out.

2 August 2022, 8:30pm
Basilica of the Holiest Heart of Jesus (Jesuit)
Profeti della Quinta
Emilio de’ Cavalieri Lamentations and Responsories

The lamentations composed by Emilio de’ Cavalieri for Biblical texts are a powerfully dramatic work intertwining late Renaissance aesthetics with early Baroque monodies. Cavalieri was a member of the Florentine Camerata, and the work is regarded as an early example of Baroque Tenebrae.

3 August 2022, noon
Church of the Resurrection
Holy Mass
Liturgical singing: Linnamuusikud

3 August 2022, 8:30pm
Dominican Basilica
Nutu laulud – Lamentations

The Estonian ensemble Linnamuusikud explores a wide range of music styles, from folk via Gregorian chants to polyphonic liturgical works. The musicians reach for a variety of performance techniques reflecting myriad styles, periods and provenances to bring them together into a comprehensive whole, filtered through their own unique sensibilities. Their latest album, dedicated to musical emanations of sorrow and lament, includes works by Polish composers Wacław of Szamotuły and Mikołaj Zieleński.

4 August 2022, 8:30pm
St Florian Basilica
Concerto Soave
Lamentazioni per la Settimana Santa

The ensemble Concerto Soave recalls the bittersweet sorrow of genuine remorse for sins, stirred by sung lamentations filled with afflictio, dolor and lamentatio beloved by Baroque Roman composers of the first half of the 17th century.

5 August 2022, 8:30pm
Church of the Resurrection
Mateusz Kowalski
Lyra Viol

The English tradition of lyra viol involved adjusting viola da gamba tuning; the technique became so fashionable in 17th-century London, composers went to great efforts to invent their own tunings to stand out from the rest. The double album by Cracovian virtuoso of viola da gamba Mateusz Kowalski, premiered at the Musica Divina Festival, features 30 of the 59 known tunings of the period, and his concert will enchant the audience with the unique sound of the instrument and its long, fascinating history.

6 August 2022, 8:30pm
Corpus Christ Basilica
Marcin Abijski, Marius Peterson, Schola Cantorum Minorum Chosoviensis
Tenebrae factae sunt. Passion Traditions of the East and West

The evening intertwines choral music and early polyphonies of the Western church with Byzantine and early Russian musical traditions. Even though the responsory states “Darkness fell” (Tenebrae factae sunt), we will hear music which illuminates the gloom of night, spirit and sin.

7 August 2022, 8:30pm
Corpus Christ Basilica

De Orto, Tallis, White, Lassus – the British ensemble of some of the finest consort singers from all over the globe reaches for lamentations penned by Renaissance masters, intertwining Franco-Flemish polyphonies with works by British composers.

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