13th Sfogato International Music and Art Festival

Saturday, December 3, 2022, 6:00 PM

  • Saturday, December 3, 2022, 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday, December 6, 2022, 11:00 AM
  • Wednesday, December 7, 2022, 6:00 PM

International Sfogato Music & Arts Festival is the only regular festival event in Krakow, for which the music and the creative personality of Fryderyk Chopin is the main inspiration. This symbolized the name of the event “Sfogato”, the Italian word used for the first time by Fryderyk Chopin as a musical term to describe one epizode of his Barcarolle in F sharp major Op. 60. Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz interpreted sfogato episode, defined by Chopin with an adjective dolce, as a moment that brings catharsis, ecstasy and purification. By using this parallel he referred to the function, which art, and music, served in ancient times. The festival is also the only event of this type that holistically addresses the issue of the impact of music and art on humans, as well as on their health.

The festival is organized by the Sfogato Music and Art Society, which was established in the Chopin Year 2010 on the initiative of the pianist Marta Polańska - the Artistic Director of the festival. The aim of the festival is to show the multifaceted role of music and art in human life. Thanks to the unique formula combining scientific theoretical discourse with artistic practice and events of an educational nature, the Festival presents issues related to the issues of music and art in a holistic way, placing the human being at the center: the artist and the recipient of his art. The festival draws attention to this unique bond, which also has an extremely important impact on human health (the therapeutic aspect of music and art).

This year's edition of the Festival will be attended by the artists of the Sfogato Society and guests from Poland, Denmark, the USA and Japan. The program of the Festival will include classical music concerts performed by outstanding artists and young talents, scientific lectures on a unique subject (e.g. a lecture by the only Kurdyban studio in Poland) addressed to a wide audience, a piano course for talented students of music schools of 1st and 2nd degree and an international composition competition for young musicians and professionals - events related to the anniversaries that are currently happening, including: the 200th anniversary of Józef Wybicki's death, the 180th anniversary of the birth of Maria Konopnicka, the 173th anniversary of the death of Fryderyk Chopin and the topics oscillating around the composers of Polish Romanticism.

3 December 2022, 6pm
Piano recital by Marie-Luise Bodendorff
in programme: F. Chopin, F. Kuhlau, F. Liszt, M. Ravel
Marie-Luise Bodendorff is an excellent concert pianist, teacher and laureate of numerous awards at international piano competitions. She teaches piano and chamber music at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen (Denmark). She was educated, among others in the classes of Vladimir Krainev (a student of Henryk Neuhaus) and Brigitte Engerer. The artist is distinguished not only by her stage and teaching experience, but also by her specialization – she is currently the only pianist in the world who specializes to such a high degree in the interpretation of works of Friedrich Kuhlau, a German-Danish pianist and composer of the late Classical and early Romantic periods, a central figure of the Danish Golden Age (Bodendorff is the only pianist to have recorded all of the composer's piano works).

6 December 2022, 11am
Museum of Krakow – Rydlówka
Conference: Music – Art – Media (held in Polish)

7 December 2022, 6pm
Potocki Palace
Lecture by Dr. Marek Polański First Polish Violin Capriccios by August Fryderyk Duranowski and Joachim Kaczkowski (held in Polish) with viollin recital and book and CD promotion
Marta Polańska – introduction

The festival is the main event organized by the Sfogato Music and Art Society in Krakow, attended by artists from the Sfogato Society and invited guests. It has been taking place since the establishment of the Sfogato Society, every year since 2010. Several hundred artists, musicians, artists and photographers from all over the world, including Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, USA, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, participated in 12 editions of the Festival.

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Other: free admission
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