Museum of Poland Under Communist Regime

os. Centrum E 1



Various aspects of life in the People’s Republic of Poland (PRL) and the history of the anti-communist underground are what the exhibitions in the building of the former workers’ cinema introduce us to.

A permanent exhibition devoted to the history of Poland in 1944–89 is being developed at the former Światowid cinema, built in the 1950s for the residents of the Nowa Huta “worker paradise”. So far, visitors can explore temporary exhibitions recalling various aspects of life in the PRL and a history of the anti-communist resistance. A star attraction is the air raid shelter situated under the building. According to legend, a whole network of similar structures exists, providing a genuine labyrinth under the former communist city.

Tickets: normal PLN 10, concessions PLN 8, admission free on Tuesday

Opening times:
02 January - 31 December
Mon closed, Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00
os. Centrum E 1
12 446 78 21
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