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February Trails

30 January 2020

“Karnet” 2/2020 – READ ONLINE We start with a journey to the past! We head to Wawel for the exhibition “Treasures of the Piast Dynasty” where we’ll...

Under January Skies

30 December 2019

Never mind the short days and terrible weather – let’s try to enjoy ourselves in January! After New Year’s Eve celebrations and in the full swing of Carnival events, Kraków...

Nativity Scenes in Kraków

17 December 2019

Kraków remains immersed in a festive atmosphere for the first few weeks of the new year. On cold winter days, warm up at Celestat, hosting the post-contest exhibition of the 77th...

Opening in December!

2 December 2019

How else could we possibly title the invitation to cultural Kraków during the month when an incredible art museum opens its doors once again after a nine-year break? It holds a sizeable...

The Lady Comes Home

28 November 2019

During the last decade, we could see her at Wawel Castle and more recently at the Main Building of the National Museum in Krakow. Following renovations lasting nine years, Leonardo da...

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