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Cosmic Year

11 January 2021

Science fiction novels and short stories, realist prose, futurist and philosophical essays, articles, letters, autobiography… In 2021, we’ll immerse ourselves in the writings of...

Hopeful December

2 December 2020

Life in the time of the pandemic is testing all our patience, and organisers of cultural events are rightfully frustrated by the continuing closure of museums, theatres and concert venues. But...

November Reflections

29 October 2020

It’s difficult to keep optimistic as more news pours in about the worsening pandemic – it came crashing into our lives in March and has been dominating the entire 2020. But does it mean...

Festival-filled October

30 September 2020

Held in person, online or in a hybrid format, all festivals come together to shape Kraków’s culture and showcase its ability to respond to and evolve in the face of the rapidly changing...

CULTURE closer than you think. Press PLAY KRAKÓW!

7 September 2020

PLAY KRAKÓW is Poland’s first VOD platform for exploring urban CULTURE. Great music festivals, theatre performances, recitals and meetings with authors from all over the globe are...

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