The Chakra?

This is a somewhat controversial legend that names Wawel... the warden one of the world’s chakra points: sources of exceptional energy!

Though the legend may be controversial, it simply states that hidden in Wawel is a Chakra: a mysterious stone which is a source of supernatural energy. For the initiated it is a source of unspeakable power, giving unbelievable spiritual force. The legend refers to a tale of the Hindu god Shiva who cast seven magical stones – the Chakram – into seven parts of the world. One of them was to hit Kraków, while the remaining six reached Delhi, Mecca, Delphi, Jerusalem, Rome, and Velehrad. The partisans of the legend speak of radiesthetic research that proves that the Chakra lies in the remnants of the 11th-century chapel of St Gereon. Others believe that there is a source of negative ions, which generally help relaxation, somewhere under the western wing of the castle.

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