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#visitKrakow Programme Partners

1 November 2020

How to get a 20% discount? Check the list of the partners of the #visitKrakow [#zwiedzajKrakow] programme! Take advantage of 20% discounts with the #zwiedzajKrakow card - all you have to do is...

Dancing Through the Summer

18 July 2022

This summer, locals and visitors spend their holidays with dance and spectacles of myriad genres, styles and conventions. The “Cracovia Danza” Courtly Dance Festival kicks off on 16...

Contemporary Face of the Past

27 June 2022

We talk to Liraz and Jeremiah Lockwood, performers at the 31st Jewish Culture Festival, about women’s voices, musical roots and artistic expression. Eta Hox: You are proud to admit...

Cracovian Comics

25 March 2022

This season is all about comic books!     Springtime is when our city reawakens. Bars and cafés start spilling out into the streets again, while squares and parks blossom and...

Kraków and Architecture

27 January 2022

Kraków – a Post-War City Michał Wiśniewski The image of contemporary Kraków was shaped in the wake of the Second World War. Although the city was developing fast...

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